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  • County believes tourism commission should fully support history museum

    A local history museum has been a dream of the Marion County Historical Society for close to two decades and that dream is becoming closer to a reality. But, how that project is going to be funded is still up in the air.

    Thursday, members of the Marion County Historical Society asked the Marion County Fiscal Court for financial assistance in creating a history museum. Specifically, the historical society asked the county for a five-year commitment of $12,500 to help fund the position of a museum director.

  • Gone, but not forgotten

    Henry Lee Bell and Terry Ward were known throughout Marion County for the many ways they made a difference in the community.

    Both men passed away last year, yet each was honored posthumously by a community organization last month.

    According to Monica Hill, Bell and Ward demonstrated Christian values in everything they did.

    "They had leadership qualities that the community respected," she said.

  • It's flea season

    With the warmer temperatures that we have been experiencing, we are starting to see signs of fleas here at the shelter. On the dogs and cats that have been surrendered or picked up as strays, we are starting to see the first fleas of the season. I was hoping that with the cold temperatures that maybe we would see a decrease in the numbers of fleas and ticks. It's still way too early to tell but maybe the problem won't be as bad as it was last year.

    This week's article will concentrate on flea control and listed below are 10 facts about fleas you may not know.

  • "There isn't any place I can imagine being any better than Marion County."

    American litigator and Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis once said that the most important office was that of a private citizen.

    Brad Lanham doesn't like to dabble in politics but he takes his position as a private citizen in Marion County seriously. So much so that he was recently named the Lebanon-Marion County Chamber of Commerce's Outstanding Citizen.

  • "You can call him any time of the day or night and he's always willing to help."

    Dr. James Cook has dealt with surprises before (ask him about the copperhead), but he was pleased by the one he received last month from the Chamber of Commerce during its annual awards dinner.

    "I was going because I was told someone else was going to get an award," he said.

    Instead, Cook was named the Chamber's 2008 Outstanding Business Person.

    "It caught me completely off guard," he said. "I wish I'd been more prepared."

  • Marcum has made his mark

    Roger Marcum didn’t receive a very warm welcome when he was hired to be the Marion County Superintendent in 1999.

    In fact, some people were downright cold to him.

  • Down, but not out

    Fewer shavees showed up this year, and less money was raised, but none of that changes the reason Marion County hosted its third St. Baldrick’s Saturday.

  • People seem to prefer cats as pets

    The other day at work, I was surfing the web looking for information on the pet overpopulation problem when I came across these statistics on pet ownership.

    Several things surprised me about the findings, like there are more cats as pets than dogs and the total number of dogs and cats that are kept as pets.

    These statistics were compiled from the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey.


    • There are approximately 74.8 million owned dogs in the United States

  • Letter to the editor: History museum a challenge and an opportunity

    For the past year, the Marion County Historical Society Board of Trustees has focused on the message of “Opportunity, Challenge, Responsibility.”

  • Letters to the editor, March 11

    Poor judgment indeed!