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  • The sounds of starlings usher in fall


  • Lebanon man joins American Angus Association

    Scott Peterson of Lebanon is a new member of the American Angus Association, the national breed organization headquartered in Saint Joseph, Missouri.
    The American Angus Association, with more than 25,000 active adult and junior members, is the largest beef breed association in the world. Its computerized records include detailed information on more than 18 million registered Angus.

  • Pancakes are perfect for breakfast or dinner


    Sometimes, I like to fix breakfast for dinner. My mom used to do this every couple weeks, and Dad and I really liked it. Our favorite was pancakes with syrup along with bacon and/or sausage. We also enjoyed fresh fruit in season, but the pancakes were the thing. My dad could eat a huge stack!
    Here are some good pancake recipes you might like to try.

  • Shortening the breeding season


  • ‘Enough said’

    In the 17 years I’ve worked at The Lebanon Enterprise, I’ve definitely grown thicker skin. It’s a necessity in this business, especially in the age of social media. While I admit, criticism can still sting, I’ve learned how to brush it off more easily. However, I can’t begin to imagine how my father would have handled critical comments about the newspaper on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe he would have ignored the critics, but after reading a column he wrote in October of 1979, I have to wonder.

    * * *

  • Festival season: It’s better in the Bluegrass

    Kentucky is a state enriched with interesting history, heritage and numerous fall festivals. Every weekend seems to bring a fun event celebrating a Kentucky tradition rooted in music, arts, food, spirits, sports or the outdoors.

    The Kentucky Bourbon Festival may be our best-known Central Kentucky event. But if you thought it was just a local event, think again. It is an international event. Visitors from around the world visit Bardstown for this celebration of the Kentucky bourbon industry and the traditions so closely tied to it.

  • John Dillinger was here

    Parts of this story have been around for years and it resurfaced several times since 2014. The folks who shared it are among the most respected citizens in the area, and I have no reason to doubt their detailed accounts. After researching the public enemy era for a while, maybe we can cross reference the timeline and see what happens.

  • In-demand career field: Central Kentucky construction shortage provides big opportunity for career-seekers

    By Julie Brown

    The construction industry is ripe with opportunities for career seekers — so much so that it has identified as one of five fields with the highest demand in the Lincoln Trail region. There’s no better time for motivated individuals who enjoy working with their hands and having variety in their day-to-day routine to consider entering a career as a skilled tradesperson in the construction industry.

  • FOOTBALL: Knights blown out in game without Head Coach Reader

    The Marion County Knights took the field, but one Knight was noticeably missing.
    Following an incident with the officials after Marion County’s loss to Garrard County on Aug. 30, Knights Head Coach Rob Reader was handed a two-game suspension.
    His loss was a big blow for the Knights, who fell 49-6 to the Bardstown Tigers on John J. Boswell Field on Friday.
    Reader spoke with the Enterprise on Saturday, and apologized to the Marion County faithful for the incident.

  • FOOTBALL: ‘We’re not going to go backwards’

    Garrard County’s run game is not pretty and flashy by any means.

    When it gets rolling, though, it’s effective.

    The Golden Lions delivered four touchdowns — all on the ground — in a 24-12 win over the Marion County Knights on Friday at John J. Boswell Field.

    “Give them credit,” Marion County Head Coach Rob Reader said. “They run the ball really well. They’re big. They’re strong. It’s not pretty, but what they do, they do well. You got to give them credit. Hats off to them.”