• Workforce Summit’s goal: Improving labor participation
  • Stand by your word

    “Integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of leadership. Always keep your word.” – Brian Tracy


    Sometimes our very own words can come back to bite us.

    Especially when they are in print, in black and white, in the newspaper.

    I was reminded of this within the past week while I was writing the news story about the Local Planning Committee’s recent meeting (which starts on page A2). 

  • Imported from Detroit

    I grew up between 8 mile (yes, exactly like Eminem) and 10 mile road, right outside of Detroit. A lot of times, when I tell people that I grew up in Detroit, I watch their eyes widen slightly and they immediately ask me if it’s as bad as it looks on TV.

  • Girls, Be The Wolf

    ‘Tis the season for commencement speeches.

  • Celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day
  • What's not to like about a Princess Cruise?

    Let me be the first to admit I was not sure what to expect on our 10-night cruise aboard Coral Princess from Ft. Lauderdale to the Panama Canal and back.

    It had been more than 40 years since my wife and I had been on a cruise — and I really wasn’t sure I wanted to be on this one.

    However, am I ever glad that I went. I didn’t just like it. I loved it, and we’ve already signed up for another Princess Cruise.

  • No quit in her

    Have you ever met someone who literally does not quit? 

    As in, a person who doesn’t have the “quit” gene, so to speak.

    A person who sets her mind to doing something, and she’s going to do it no matter what gets in her way. No injury, obstacle, deadline or natural disaster is going to get in the way of accomplishing her goal.

  • What if everyone gives 5 percent?

    Imagine the difference we could make in the Marion County community if $490,000 in grants were available to our local nonprofit organizations each year. 

    In the next 10 years, nearly $196 million will transfer from one generation to the next in Marion County. That is just our piece of the $7.7 trillion transfer of wealth that will ripple through this country over the next decade. 

  • Suddenly springing into summer

    Spring is upon us in Kentucky. It is a time of celebration with Mother’s Day festivities wrapping up, graduation ceremonies and Memorial Day around the corner.

    This month is also Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and I encourage you to participate in the many events being held around the Commonwealth to raise awareness for this condition. LymeDisease.org has developed a Lyme Disease symptom checklist to help you document your exposure to Lyme Disease and common symptoms.

  • Full transparency

    In today’s political climate, government agencies should be going out of their way to be completely transparent.

    Last week, the Marion County Board of Education chose not to when they held a budget work session at noon on a Monday and chose not to record their discussion.

    I specifically asked for the work session to be recorded.