• When Americans proved their worth

    By Heather French Henry
    Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs

    They were untested. Young, green American troops. To the eyes of the British and
    French soldiers, worn out by four years of trench warfare, the Americans looked highly unlikely to hold the line against the Germans marching on Paris.

  • Take a moment to observe Veterans Day

    I’m impressed every time I walk into the Kentucky State Capitol to do the business of the people. Its marble hallways are full of memorials.
    A large bronze statue of former President Abraham Lincoln stands in the center of the Capitol rotunda. Portraits of state Supreme Court justices line the second-floor hallways. Porcelain miniatures of Kentucky’s first ladies grace the area just off the rotunda. And a bust of Colonel Harland Sanders even greets visitors entering from a side entrance.

  • Governor’s inauguration will be Dec. 8

    While last week’s gubernatorial election marked the end of this year’s campaign season, it also kicked off the beginning of a transition period that has been guided by tradition and the state constitution for much of our history.
    Not quite 60 people have served as governor since Kentucky joined the United States in 1792. In the beginning, voters did not have a direct say. Instead, the decision was made by a group of electors, similar to our presidential elections today.

  • Lincoln Trail region committed to soft skills development

    By Carter Dyson

    Awareness of the need for soft skills in the workplace has undoubtedly increased in recent years. Time and time again, we hear from employers seeking personal traits such as punctuality, strong work ethic and leadership ability. Often, soft skills take priority over hard skills, as employers are willing to train candidates who possess characteristics like loyalty, strong communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment. 

  • It’s easy to be a critic

    “Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.” – Dave Willis

    Being criticized is a part of life.
    Depending on what you do for a living, you might be criticized often.
    And, let’s be honest, it stings.
    But, what is even more bothersome is when people are critical of others without any understanding of what it’s like to walk in the other person’s shoes.

  • "The Foreigner" opens Thursday at Centre Square

    By G.B. Dixon

    Retirement is a stubborn thing, jealously guarded by those who own it. So it was with no little coaxing that Kentucky Classic Theatre lured Lynn D. Farris away from his passion for it and back to the world of stage, to direct his first community play in 30 years. Ronald Reagan was president of the United States then. That was in the days of the Lebanon Community Theatre. Days turned to memories.

  • The abuse of the system has to stop – now

    I can’t describe the emotion I felt when I learned of the state retirement system board’s decision to keep its current executive director, extend his contract for 30 months and award him a 25-percent raise – to $215,000 annually.

  • Veterans’ impact on our lives is immeasurable

    On Nov. 11, our nation will come together as it has for nearly a century to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed their time, talents and even their lives and limbs to preserve our freedom.
    Altogether, there have been more than 40 million men and women who have been part of the U.S. Armed Forces since the Continental Army was first established 240 years ago this past June. Tens of millions more have served, or still are serving, as members of the National Guard and the Reserves, both of which trace their history back even further.

  • Silver anniversary

    By the Reverend Anthony Gilbert
    Minister of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

    From its embryonic formation at the conclusion of the 1980's, the House of Foundation was the starting point, which evolved into the Community Service Center. The person responsible for this benevolent outreach to meet the needs of the less fortunate of Marion County was the Reverend Father Ivo Cecil. It was through his compassionate vision as guided by God that something special had been created and continues to the present.

  • It’s election time in the Commonwealth

    It’s hard to miss with the TV commercials, direct mailers and yard signs soliciting votes – but Kentucky is about to have a general election.
    The candidates, including those running for governor, have done their jobs. Now, it’s up to voters to do their jobs.