• LTADD marks 50 years of strengthening communities

    We have a great deal to be proud of in the Lincoln Trail Region. Our economy is strong. Our communities are regularly recognized on the national stage for any number of things – tops in start-ups, among the safest, a great place to do business, an ideal spot to retire, and much more. 

  • Road plan update, honoring teachers and state employees

    One of the most important functions of my job as your state representative is to fight for funding for key road and bridge projects in our communities.

  • Men and women of honor

    We hear so much bad news at times that it crowds out the good. We begin to think there are no honorable people going out of their way to make our communities a better place to live in and to be proud of. You would be wrong to feel that way. There are good people and organizations still out there. One such group is called the Marion County Veterans Honor Guard.

    Today I want to tell you about these honorable men and women.

  • One size does not fit all

    I always know spring is here and summer is coming because suddenly everyone starts panicking about being “summer body” ready. Suddenly everyone wants to shed a couple pounds and tone up for the summer. Me, too. Sometimes, I find myself comparing my body to other women before I even realize what is happening, and when I finally realize it, I feel pretty lousy. 

  • When did we become like this?

     “When did we become like this?” my friend was referring to the mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas.

    We had been reminiscing about college days, “way back when.” We couldn’t help but compare that era to where we are today, and recent events prompted the question. 

  • Country mouse and city mouse

    Remember visiting a farm or being around piglets just a few weeks after they were born? They soon venture out of the pen and go everywhere with an enthusiastic curiosity. Children find them almost irresistible to approach and sometimes befriend. If Aesop doesn’t mind, for this story the country mouse will be Mr. Mc and the city mouse Mr. Jones. And let’s include a collie for good measure.

  • Do you Chromebook? Your future employees will

     It is estimated that Chromebooks now make up 60 percent of all laptops and tablets in U.S. K-12 classrooms. As an employer, the sheer size of the $43 billion education tech market might not seem to matter much unless you employ educators. The vast majority of employers don’t, however, and it is tempting to simply look at this figure, give a curt nod, and move on.

  • Back-to-school safety tips we can all use

     It’s a busy time of year for Kentucky families as students get back into the routine of school and the many after-school activities. Did you know there are more than 650,000 kids in preschool through 12th grade at Kentucky’s 4,597 public and private schools?

  • The “Colonel” sold cars

     Long before his successful Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, Harlan Sanders had a new car dealership in Lancaster, Kentucky. In the late 1920s, Colonel Sanders used the Bailey Garage to sell Willys-Knight and Whippet automobiles. He hired a few salesmen with a year or two at “The University,” as UK was called by many in the central part of the state, along with some area farm boys. One of them was the son of a state representative for the Kentucky river counties just south of Lexington.  

  • Ready or not

     My son, Owen, officially becomes a teenager today.

    As I write this, I’m simultaneously feeling extremely grateful and on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. 

    Turning 40 earlier this month was a reality check for me. But, my little boy becoming a teenager is slightly terrifying.

    “I’m not ready,” I think to myself as I swallow a huge lump in my throat.

    But, are we ever truly “ready?”