• Can a hobbled democracy still turn out voters? 

     Our democracy seems like it’s in chains or stuck in a deep rut. 

    Much-needed policy discussions that belong in a democracy are cut short and replaced by a new norm which simply excludes debating and replaces it with a partisan approach. This develops hostility leading to a toxic environment of distrust. That’s ripping our democracy apart.     

  • Local everyday heroes

     Have you ever had a friend or perfect stranger just “appear” out of nowhere when you were in serious need of help? Afterward, we wish we would have conveyed a kind word or small gesture.  Well, they say it may never be too late.

  • It happens to the best of us

    By Marlena Stokes

    Summer intern


    Whether they want to admit it or not, everyone has those days. 

    You know, the ones that really just hit your last nerve, because they could only happen to you, right? 

    I am here to tell you--you are not alone. 

  • Class of 2019: Possibilities abound here in Kentucky

     We are in the heart of high school graduation season so I wanted to congratulate the graduates from my district – and the whole of Kentucky.

    The graduates will undoubtedly be bombarded with advice. I’m not going to presume to know what’s best for individual graduates, but I will direct them to some data-driven analysis. Data they need so they can make some fact-based choices as they move toward a future that looks bright, particularly in this region. The facts speak for themselves.

  • Pursuing my purpose

     I have always been interested in the public, the ways I can connect and how I can help. I am genuinely excited to be hired as an intern at The Lebanon Enterprise this summer, and cannot wait to immerse myself in the community. 

  • Walk a mile in their shoes: Reflections from a poverty simulation

     We hear the word poverty a lot. The most common measure of poverty in the United States is the "poverty threshold" set by the U.S. government. For a family of four, it’s currently $25,750, annually.

    Think about that — just a little more than $2,100 a month in gross earnings to feed, clothe and house four people. For 17.2 percent of all Kentuckians, that is a reality. The chart shows the 2017 poverty rates for the counties in the Lincoln Trail Region.

  • Legislature votes for more transparency and defends the constitutional rights of Kentuckians

     It was an honor to serve you and the 14th Senate District in Frankfort during the 2019 Regular Session. I was honored to visit with so many constituents about legislation throughout our 30-day session.

    The Kentucky General Assembly passed almost 200 bills, making the 153rd Regular Session one of the busiest to date. Education, safety, pro-life measures, Second Amendment rights, business, and good government were among the high profile issues addressed.

  • Springfield Kentucky hemp – Really?

     The first time I saw the yellow “Special Tax Stamp” in the bottom drawer of my grandfather’s desk, I was 14 years old. Issued by the United States Internal Revenue and dated 1944, for the price of $1 the owner could become a “Producer of Marihuana.” Much to my surprise, the assigned address was R.3 Springfield, Kentucky – a farm between Springfield and Lebanon. Could this possibly be the same marijuana the 1960s news was reporting?

  • Stuff to celebrate

     I’m proud of my ex-husband.

    Did that get your attention?

    I bet it did.

    But, it’s actually true.

    I’m am proud of my ex-husband, Eric Daugherty, for quitting smoking.

    He smoked his last cigarette on March 1. (Read more about his experience, so far, on page A4).

    And, I must confess, I didn’t think he would do it. 

  • Mind your own business

     This week, I opened up Facebook, ready to scroll through Easter photos and Earth Day festivities. Instead, I was greeted with something troubling that, frankly, fired me up.

    Several articles from news outlets, detailing and documenting for the world to see, Britney Spears coming and going from a mental health facility.

    Here’s what I know: Britney voluntarily checked herself into a mental health facility last month, and there are several speculations as to why she is struggling, etc.