• Kentucky needs stricter animal abuse laws
  • A light on the hill

     If you are searching for some evidence that the swamp in Washington hasn’t become a complete cesspool, consider the life and service of the late John McCain – senator from Arizona.  

  • Dear citizens,

    Consider the conduct of some citizens.

  • Crum creates artwork for cancer center

     Crum creates artwork for cancer center

    Mimi Crum is a woman who has survived breast cancer twice. When she decided that it would be fun to walk in the Kentucky Oaks Parade in recognition of the battles fought by women like herself in May 2018, her many admirers voted her “in” on her first try. She had a great time in spite of weather and wardrobe “malfunctions.” This is the kind of person who finds good in places where others might struggle.

  • Letters to the editor - ‘Kentucky Proud’ label is deceiving
  • Journalism is so important right now

    As an editor, even in a small town like Lebanon, I’m sure you feel pressure in a day when journalism is being mercilessly attacked and a Maryland newsroom becomes a shooting gallery.

    We citizens are counting on professionals like you to continue fighting for truth, justice, and the American way! We need ethical journalists all over the country now more than ever.

  • Letter to the Editor

    I would just like to commend Marion County School Superintendent Taylora Schlosser and the Marion County Board of Education for allowing St. Augustine students to participate in athletic events with their schools. This decision will now allow our students to play and engage with other students in the county and elsewhere as they grow both academically and athletically in these formative years. It is great to partner with Marion County schools as we all want the best for the students in this county.

    Paul Terrell

  • Letter to The Editor

    The following words come from the Smithsonian Magazine (May 2018). 

    “Why were Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt chosen for Mount Rushmore?” (Jacob Gulyon-Overlook, Pennsylvania).

  • Don’t throw grass clippings on the road

    Please, people, do not throw grass clippings on the road. This can make the road very slippery and dangerous, especially to motorcycles and bicycles.


    Mary Ann Ohsol


  • CES kids are worth it

    My two youngest children attend Calvary Elementary. We purchased our house BECAUSE they would be attending CES. We voted for the recallable nickel because we were promised some of the funds would be used for improvements at Calvary. Now we find out the LPC has decided to push us to the bottom of the priority list because there aren't enough kids that attend? Perhaps it's