Today's Opinions

  • Run with all your Hart

    I've not gone on one run since June 14 that I haven't thought about Sarah Roberts Hart.
    On June 14, she was on her morning jog in Russell County when she was attacked and killed. Her tragic story has struck a nerve with people all over the country, especially with fellow runners like myself.

  • Getting used to high-tech phones

    By Linda Ireland
    Landmark News Service

    The first time I saw one of those strange little QR codes in an advertisement, I thought it was a mistake. It looked like a graphic artist had mangled a photo or barcode.
    Quick Response codes have been around since the mid-1990s but their popularity has increased since the introduction of "smartphones."
    They've even been showing up in ads in the newspaper.

  • Correction, July 25

    In the July 11 edition, a photo from the harness racing at the Marion County Fair should have identified Tyler Shehan as the driver of the horse Caribbean Treasure. Barry Armstrong is the horse's trainer.

  • Clarification, July 18

    In the Athletes of the Year section published last month, some additional information has been provided about one of the entries. Jeremy Mattingly, the football player of the year, is the son of Mickey and Beth Cooley and Kerry and Gloria Mattingly.

  • Letter: Old problem, old solution

    A solution to an old problem in our community is Jesus Christ. Let me begin by saying as someone who has attended church practically my entire life, it is hard to let others know you are a follower of Jesus.
    In this country we have forgotten the freedom to attend church. Easter and Christmas as national holidays. Leaders in our country must believe in God or this would not be so.
    To believe in Jesus is one thing, but to say he is the answer seems to feel uncomfortable to let people know.

  • Letter: Care for your pets

    My dog and cat are truly my best friends. They ask for so little and give so much!
    I only hope that these animals are provided fresh water, food, shelter, and shade all through the year.
    We have a great shelter in Marion County. Unwanted and abused dogs and cats can be taken there.
    Have a heart and care people!
    David L. Duley
    St. Mary

  • Parents' helping hands have to be accepted to work

    Being a parent is hard work.
    I've been a parent for almost six years, and in that time I've had many successes and some failures. I've done lots of things right and a few things wrong. (OK, maybe more than a few things wrong.) My point is, parenting is a work in progress.
    No one does it perfectly.
    And, unfortunately, no matter how great you are as a parent, your kids can still screw up.

  • Rooms to grow

    This past weekend was the most recent example that Lebanon can and does attract visitors.
    Last week, those visitors were the participants in the 2012 Jets Over Kentucky event, which has become the largest remote control jet showcase in the United States and possibly the world.