Today's Opinions

  • Taking a new look at an old problem

    Friday could have been just another speech for Lebanon Mayor Gary Crenshaw. As any rural official knows, part of the job is addressing various community groups from time to time.

    If he had just presented a recap of the budget recently approved by the Lebanon City Council, he would have been fulfilling expectations.

    Instead, Crenshaw spoke a little less about the budget so he would have time to discuss an old problem for Lebanon - drugs.

  • Shotgun wedding (photos) anyone?

    Let me just say that carrying a shotgun (unloaded, of course) through a crowded, public place was the least eventful moment of an interesting day recently.

    If you remember, I recently donned a mustache to a bachelor party. Well, the bachelor's wedding was June 30.

    No mustaches, but plenty of mayhem.

    Not for the bride and groom, though (at least that I know of). Just personal mayhem.

  • 40-foot drop forges friendships

    By Paige Wilson

    I felt another plump droplet of sweat race down the side of my face and plummet into the abyss below me, wishing I could escape this situation with the same effortless motion - but perhaps not with the same end result.

    I was buckled into a strappy harness, helmeted and connected to a lean metal cable by foreign ropes and knots. Somehow I was expected to leap across a gap of open air - 40 feet above the unforgiving Alabama turf - relying on these contraptions as my safeguards against painful consequences.

  • CORRECTION: Danville highway accident report

    The Kentucky State Police provided additional information Thursday about the accident that occurred June 23 on Danville Highway at the intersection of Popes Creek Road. Information about two passengers in one of the vehicles was omitted from the original reported.

  • Girls who rock

    Mobile, Ala., got another sample of Kentucky pride last week when a Marion County contingent took the city by storm in support of Paige Wilson who competed in the Distinguished Young Woman competition.

    But, the folks in Mobile should be getting used to Kentuckians by now. After all, last year it seemed as if half the state traveled there to root for Marion County's own Christine Mattingly in the 2011 national program.

    Both young women have represented our state and our county well.

  • Letters to the editor, July 4, 2012

    Central Kentucky Community Theatre is a local treasure

    I am a professional theatre director and professor of theatre at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Mich. On Sunday, June 10, I attended the final performance of Hello, Dolly! at the Central Kentucky Community Theatre in Springfield.

  • Bye-Bye, Enterprise

    By Nick Schrager

    I hate to say it, but it's time to go... it was a blast while it lasted.

  • Every second counts

    What did you do with your leap second?

    You probably didn't notice but this past weekend was one second longer than usual. On Saturday, the International Atomic Time was adjusted to compensate for gradual changes in the Earth's rotation.

    The most recent leap second before Saturday occurred on New Year's Eve on 2008.