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  • Life is unpredictable

    Life can be so unexpected.

    Things can happen in an instant that change your life forever.

  • Letters to the Editor: Oct. 22

    Election should be an easy choice

  • Nickel tax is a heavy demand on local taxpayers

    As I started to write this article, there was a message on the answering machine asking for a yes vote on the nickel tax on Nov. 4. The caller stated, “You will be voting for one nickel period and it will not lead to any more add-ons. It’s to be used for maintenance and renovation of current buildings.”

  • Squished and squashed for breast cancer awareness month

    Squished. Squeezed. Squashed. I experienced all three of the above sensations last week when I had my very first mammogram at Spring View Hospital. And let me just say that “squished” is probably the most accurate of the three words above. But, there was also some squeezing and squashing involved. In fact, there are many other descriptive words I could use to describe my mammogram experience but they probably aren’t appropriate for the newspaper.

  • It’s worth the cost

    Marion County citizens have heard about the recallable nickel for more than a year. It’s clear that proponents and opponents of the “nickel” see this issue in markedly different ways. For opponents, the nickel is yet another tax on an already overtaxed population. For supporters, the nickel is an investment in local schools and an opportunity to make even greater strides to improve our educational system. No matter what side you are on, we hope when you go to the polls Nov. 4, you base your decision on facts, not fear.

  • Corporate citizen

    This past weekend TG Kentucky celebrated its 10th anniversary in Lebanon.  This is a milestone worth celebrating for any business of any size. It just happens that TG is also Marion County's largest employer with more than 900 employees, according to the company's website. TG marked its milestone in a variety of ways. Local and company officials planted a tree.

  • Letters to the Editor: Oct. 15

    Vote Palagi

    I am writing in support of Kate Palagi for Lebanon City Council. I’ve known Kate nearly six years and believe her professional experience, community involvement, and role as a mother of three make her an excellent candidate for city council. Kate is a true champion for Lebanon.

  • Making a big decision about the 'nickel'

    As a community we have a big decision to make, one that bears life changing consequences. Many citizens wanted to have a voice in the making of this decision therefore, a petition was signed. Now the nickel tax will go to vote. Yep, that's the American way. Either the nickel tax will pass or it won't. But either way there are consequences. Either we use the money of our own taxpayers to better the facilities where the future of Marion County receives their education or we keep our money to ourselves.