•  Across the region employers are expanding and creating new jobs, developing a pipeline of skilled workers to counter increasing retirements, or even launching start-ups. It’s encouraging news for job seekers and it’s an excellent indicator of the region’s economic health. 

  •  When I find things I like, especially things that add value to my life, I try to share the wealth and tell people.

  •  Every November, National Adoption Month helps turn the community’s attention to heroic families who navigate a system rife with legal and emotional hurdles, eventually emerging as a happy — if a bit exhausted — adoptive household.

  •  Lately social media has been tiring me. I was watching YouTube one day last week, and a girl was talking about how she was trying to break the habit of picking up her phone and mindlessly scrolling in order to fill time, how she realized how much of her favorite TV shows she was missing out on by scrolling, and how she filled every wait in line, every break in conversation, to pick up her phone. 

  •  As the approaching holidays provide a brief break before the 2019 General Assembly, my wish is that everyone can take time out of their busy schedules to enjoy family and celebrate the reason for the season.

  •  I was beaming with pride when representatives of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association recently appeared before the Interim Joint Committee on Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulations. As they talked about the state of their industry, I couldn’t resist pointing out that I represent a district where half of the world’s bourbon is being stored.

  •  Each year since 1976, November has been nationally recognized as Adoption Awareness Month. Many families in Kentucky have already grown their families through adoption, however, Kentucky currently has many more children in foster care who need and deserve a “forever family” to call their own.

  •  Deanna Rupa has had her fair share of clashes with the City of Lebanon during her time living here.

    In September, the City of Lebanon Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Board cited Rupa for defacement of private property after painting murals on her rental home on Woodlawn Avenue. Since then, the murals have been painted over. 

    But, the saga continues.

  •  The Kentucky State Capitol boasts an impressive collection of public art and memorials.

    A large bronze statue of former President Abraham Lincoln stands in the center of the Capitol rotunda. Portraits of state Supreme Court justices line the second-floor hallways. As we prepare to observe Veterans Day, however, I want to take time to recognize a bronze plaque displayed on the outside wall of the rotunda, just inside the main entrance to the Capitol.

  •  I want to commend the Marion County High School staff for the work they are doing and the way they are handling the loss of six of their students this year. I think their safety initiatives and push for a conversation about driving safety and needed changes to the community’s involvement is incredible.

  •  Recently, I read that our school board, with one exception, voted to spend $10,000 of your money to attend a national school board conference. I’ve also heard that students at Marion County Middle are sharing science textbooks.  

    I know that our school board needs all the training they can get! However, a trip to a national conference is unlikely to bring them up to speed in my opinion – pretty expensive “training.” 

  •  Have you noticed how the word “sustainable” is tossed around these days? 

    Often, it’s used when people are talking about economic growth and profits. People get this unctuous look, as if by simply saying “sustainable,” they add value. Thoughts about impacts on the environment, good or bad, or possible job implications never seem to follow. 

  •  I’m writing this early on Sunday morning. I had planned on sleeping in, but my mind just won’t let me do that anymore. So, I decide to take the dogs out and watch the sunrise. And, it’s a particularly gorgeous one. The sky is alive with the most beautiful shades of bright pink. The only sounds I can hear are deer snorting in the distance. 

  • It’s a shame, a disgrace — and I’m sick of it.  Numerous times, with “Dark Money” Ads— Virtually every mailbox, every phone, and everyone within earshot of a radio has been hit!!

  •  As the time approaches for our Marion County Public Library to return to its Main Street location, I wanted to take the time to applaud the staff and mission of this special library. The staff is so engaged and responsive to questions and helpful with each customer’s personal needs.

  • I have lived in Kentucky for 44 years, and in Marion County for 39 years. I was on the parent-teacher organization when my daughters were in elementary school. When they went to high school, I served on the Site-Based Council for three years. I have been president of the Marion County Humane Society for 20 years, and was instrumental in starting the Marion County Animal Shelter in 1982. I have also written a cooking column, “Susan’s Kitchen,” for almost 40 years.

  • Editor’s note: Lebanon Attorney Ted Lavit sent this letter to Marion County Attorney Lisa Nally-Martin, and also asked for The Lebanon Enterprise to publish it. School Board Candidate Amy Bland has submitted a statement on page B8.)

    It is my understanding that Amy C. Bland, a candidate in School District 3 for the Marion County Board of Education, has consulted you concerning KRS 160. 180 which was amended to take effect on April 4, 2018 and which provides in subsection (2) that:

  • We as parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents will have a chance to give our children a safe place at school with our vote Nov. 6. Military type guns should be outlawed. The Republican Party has done nothing to keep our children safe. The only hope of having a safe place for our kids is to vote Democrat.

    Bernard Mattingly


  •  After multiple years in "training" to become a healthcare administrator for the late Hillhaven Corporation in the early 90's I was assigned my first "real" job as the administrator at the Cedars of Lebanon nursing home in Lebanon.