• The things not done

    Taking risks is a tempting choice to make, yet it’s also a scary choice to make. On one hand, a risk presents a huge reward if it pays off. However, if a risk fails, then the results can be unpleasant or even disastrous. That’s what deters so many from taking risks, not knowing what awards might await.

  • VAUGHT’S VIEWS: Production and winning means more to Kentucky freshman Keion Brooks Jr. than recruiting rankings

    By Larry Vaught

    Recruiting rankings have never been a huge topic of conversation for Keion Brooks Sr. and his son, Keion Brooks Jr., a Kentucky five-star freshman basketball player.

    Brooks Jr. was ranked among the nation’s top 15 players in the 2019 recruiting class but some believe he could be even better playing for coach John Calipari than some suspect.

  • Sports world updates

    So much happened in the sports world lately, and as such, I couldn’t just focus on one topic among many to choose from.

    From the NBA, to college football, to earthquakes, to Wimbledon, to the World Cup, it was a busy and crazy week in sports.

  • VAUGHT’S VIEWS: John Schlarman refuses to ‘crawl in a corner’ after cancer

    By Larry Vaught

    It wasn’t quite a year ago when news broke that Kentucky offensive line coach John Schlarman had been diagnosed with cancer and that sophomore defensive standout Josh Paschal had skin cancer.

  • VAUGHT'S VIEWS: UK fans showed loyalty to Cats at Mt. Evert Base Camp

    By Larry Vaught

    Kentucky natives Krystal and Chip Dittus often plan vacations to watch Kentucky basketball postseason games even though they now live in Key West, Fla. This year, however, they two UK fans did something a little different for their special trip — they went to Nepal and hiked to the Mt. Everest base camp in May.
    It was no surprise that the trip included UK gear to show their loyalty to the Cats.

  • Fourth of July

    The United States of America will turn 243 years old tomorrow. On July 4, 1776, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence decided break away from Great Britain and establish the United States of America.

  • VAUGHT'S VIEWS: Offensive lineman getting the ‘stay at home’ recruiting pitch from UK

    Growing up in Lexington, it’s no surprise that Jager Burton says he’s always been a Kentucky football fan. What is a bit more perplexing is that he also grew up an Oregon fan.

    “I saw their uniforms and liked watching them when I was little,” said Burton about his fascination with the Oregon.

  • Diving into summer

    Summer is here. The days have gotten longer, the temperatures have gotten hotter, and yes, it’s rained for what seems like forever.

    Summer also means that the sports section looks a bit different. With high school sports on break until August, the Little League softball and baseball All-Stars have been occupying the sports pages.

  • Running Up the Score?

    The United States women’s soccer team began its defense of the 2015 World Cup title, and it did so in dominating fashion, thrashing Thailand’s women’s soccer team 13-0 in the Group Stage round on June 11.

  • Bikers, hikers and runners should check out Cades Cove Loop

    By Larry Vaught, Sports correspondent

    There are not many races of any length in national parks and that makes the Cades Cove Loop Lope Nov. 3 in the Great Smokies Mountain National Park even more unique.

    The event offers both a 5K (3.1 mile) and 10 mile course through historic Cades Cove, which will be closed to vehicular traffic, like it is every Sunday morning when bikers,  hikers and runners have a chance to travel part of all of the 10-mile loop through the park.