• Woods and Waters: Kentucky offers an early wood-duck and teal season
  • Vaught’s Views: Scott Padgett's son is a potential college basketball and football standout

    By Larry Vaught

    No University of Kentucky basketball fan would be shocked that Scott Padgett's son is a potential college basketball player. However, Logan Padgett might also have a future in football that could turn out to be better than basketball.
    Scott Padgett was on UK's 1998 national championship team and is now the head coach at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Logan is a 6-6 receiver on the Homewood High School football team and power forward on the basketball team.

  • Tee Time: Do you know the strongest part of your game?

    By Dennis George

    During my time as the news director for WOKH-FM and WLSK-FM, I spent a lot of time talking to former Bardstown police officer Tom Roby.
    But not all of it was about news items.
    We also talked about everything golf.
    Tom told me that he charted every round of golf that he played, including keeping statistics on his performance.

  • Picture perfect

    The old saying about photos is that "a picture is worth a thousand words." In a signal photo, a moment is frozen in time, forever entrenched as a memory that all can enjoy and reflect on. A photo allows us to remember an amazing or memorable moment in our lives, from a wedding to a pet, or anything! A photo brings up so many memories and emotions of the event from which the image came.

  • Woods and Waters: Opening day of dove season is Sept. 1
  • Vaught’s Views: Kentucky coach Mark Stoops has more to smile about going into this season

    By Larry Vaught

    Which game on the Kentucky football schedule should be considered the key game to UK's success this year?
    That's the question I posed to various media members who cover Kentucky football on a daily basis to give you an idea what they were thinking as the Cats prepare to open play Saturday night against Southern Mississippi.
    Here's what the media members had to say.

  • Tee Time: Don Wood is one of the top Super Seniors in Kentucky

    By Dennis George
    Golf columnist

    For the past six decades, 78-year-old Don Wood has been a fixture in Kentucky golf circles.
    The easygoing gentleman is well known to golfers in the area.
    Since 1961, he’s made the trip to Bardstown nearly every Sunday during the golf season to play golf with the likes of John Prewitt, Randall Burba, Haydon Spalding, Tommie Hurst and others.

  • So close

    In sports, there have been many times where a team was so close to victory that many had already proclaimed dishearteningly or joyfully, "The game is over!" After all, only one yard separated this team from the end zone or a team held a two-point lead with only a second or two left. The odds were stacked in their favor and they were prepared to take the lead. It was all going right and then, well, it all changed in the blink of an eye.

  • Woods and Waters: Discussing dove decoys and dove whistles

    Over the past couple of weeks we’ve talked about the upcoming dove season … traditionally Sept. 1.
    We’ve talked about hunting the birds and safety. So now we’ll talk about something that very few people I hunt with use: Decoys and dove whistles.
    To clarify, most dove hunters go out the first couple of hunts in September, then their season is over. And to be honest, decoys and dove whistles (calls) aren’t really necessary when hunting the young, dumb birds looking for something to eat!

  • Vaught’s Views: Kentucky football team is more united this season

    By Larry Vaught

    No one wanted to talk about any internal problems on the Kentucky football team last year. Never mind that the issues seemed obvious to almost everyone.
    During preseason camp this month, a few players have hinted that this year's team is far more united.
    Quarterback Drew Barker, who started the final two games last season, said there was "no doubt" the team was more united and had more purpose. He credits new offensive coordinator Eddie Gran for much of that on the offensive side.