• Fourth of July

    The United States of America will turn 243 years old tomorrow. On July 4, 1776, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence decided break away from Great Britain and establish the United States of America.

  • VAUGHT'S VIEWS: Offensive lineman getting the ‘stay at home’ recruiting pitch from UK

    Growing up in Lexington, it’s no surprise that Jager Burton says he’s always been a Kentucky football fan. What is a bit more perplexing is that he also grew up an Oregon fan.

    “I saw their uniforms and liked watching them when I was little,” said Burton about his fascination with the Oregon.

  • Diving into summer

    Summer is here. The days have gotten longer, the temperatures have gotten hotter, and yes, it’s rained for what seems like forever.

    Summer also means that the sports section looks a bit different. With high school sports on break until August, the Little League softball and baseball All-Stars have been occupying the sports pages.

  • Running Up the Score?

    The United States women’s soccer team began its defense of the 2015 World Cup title, and it did so in dominating fashion, thrashing Thailand’s women’s soccer team 13-0 in the Group Stage round on June 11.

  • Bikers, hikers and runners should check out Cades Cove Loop

    By Larry Vaught, Sports correspondent

    There are not many races of any length in national parks and that makes the Cades Cove Loop Lope Nov. 3 in the Great Smokies Mountain National Park even more unique.

    The event offers both a 5K (3.1 mile) and 10 mile course through historic Cades Cove, which will be closed to vehicular traffic, like it is every Sunday morning when bikers,  hikers and runners have a chance to travel part of all of the 10-mile loop through the park.

  • VAUGHT'S VIEWS: ‘Explosive’ Vito Tisdale has offers from nation’s elite teams

    Vito Tisdale’s explosiveness is what immediately stands out to high level coaches when they see him play and why he has college scholarship offers from some of the nation’s best programs.

    “His explosiveness just jumps out at you,” said Bowling Green coach Mark Spader. “He’s primarily being recruited as a strong safety and that’s where I would envision him playing in college. Tennessee might want him to run the ball but on defense he covers so much ground and arrives very violently.”

  • Favorite team becomes family affair

    The year was 1989. I was almost 13 years old. My uncle was in visiting from his time stationed in California with the Marines. He always made an effort to come visit and hang out with me since his brother didn’t come around much.

  • Finals history?

    The Golden State Warriors have been the talk of the NBA. The Warriors, the two-time defending champs and winners of three of the past four NBA Finals, seem destined to hang yet another title banner for this season at Oracle Arena — or the Chase Center Arena — as the Warriors will be moving to the Chase Center beginning next season. A 57-25 regular season gave Golden State the Western Conference’s No. 1 seed.

  • The battle

    Victory is the ultimate pinnacle of anyone’s journey. To battle, work hard and reap the benefits of that hard work is the ultimate joy anyone can ever experience. Victory shows that our dreams have come true, and it’s proof that we have accomplished something we’ve always sought to accomplish.

  • VAUGHTS VIEWS: UK football players ‘blown away’ by experiences on mission trip to Ethiopia

    By Sports Correspondent Larry Vaught