• Vaught’s Views: What lies ahead for the Cats

    By Larry Vaught

    New Kentucky offensive coordinator Eddie Gran got to see UK's returning players practice and scrimmage in April. Now he's busy contemplating plans for the upcoming season as well as figuring out how to best use his returning players while projecting how new players might figure into the playing rotations.
    Gran came to UK from Cincinnati where he led a successful offense. He also brought quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw with him.

  • Tee Time: Do you know your club’s sandbagger?

    By Dennis George

    For about a six-year stretch in the early 2000s, my neighbor Rob Spragens and I would sign up to play in a four-ball tournament at Persimmon Ridge Golf Course.
    And, for about a six-year stretch, I would get a phone call from the tournament director asking me if we were competing in the scratch division or the handicap division. (I could never remember to mark it on the entry form.)
    We always played in the scratch division because we did not have to give or receive strokes. It was pure golf.

  • What really matters

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports Correspondent

    A missed three-pointer, a dropped pass, a strikeout. All are results no team wants (unless of course it will benefit you), yet most people would overlook those situations in the first half of a game or in early innings. They simply aren't as important when it's early in the contest, but when it's late in the game, those mistakes and errors are magnified. There's not much time left and your chances to score are limited.

  • What you need to know when hot weather fishing

    By Shelton Young

    I’ve been asked by aspiring writers, “What kind of training did I have to be a writer?”
    That’s simple, I didn’t have any “formal” training. That is, unless you consider high school English as formal training. It would seem that somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, some of the things Mrs. Raley tried to teach me might have taken hold.

  • Vaught’s Views: Kentucky ‘felt like home’ for Georgia junior quarterback

    By Larry Vaught

    Just a few hours after he announced his commitment to Kentucky, Georgia junior quarterback Jarren Williams was on the phone talking to potential future teammates.
    "When he walks into a room, he lights up the whole room," said Anthony Williams, the quarterback's father. "He makes everybody feel important. He is a leader. He knows how to get guys to do things they need to do in order to win. He takes an interest in them and makes them all feel important."

  • Tee Time: Communities will miss SCC golf coach

    By Dennis George

    The impending closure of St. Catharine College has been well chronicled and reported in various medium since the June 1 announcement.
    Obviously, it is very disappointing for those individuals who will lose their jobs and for those students whose dreams have been shattered.
    The economies in Marion, Washington and Nelson counties will suffer from a loss of housing and consumer spending.
    And yes, my friends, the golfing community is going to be a loser as well.

  • Game 7

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports Correspondent

  • Woods and Waters: Catching the same fish twice

    At our last Mid-Kentucky Bass Anglers Tournament on Lake Cumberland I watched John catch the same five pounder twice.
    The first time it was evident he had a good fish from the excitement in his voice as he yelled, "Get the net!" Course he always yells "Get the net" no matter the size of the bass but this time it was enough to make me actually move a little.
    After we got the bass in the boat and took pictures, we put it in the live well and juiced it up with some "please release me" treatment.

  • Vaught’s Views: Linebacker Kash Daniel is adjusting to life at UK

    By Larry Vaught

    Linebacker Kash Daniel knew playing football at Kentucky and in the Southeastern Conference would be a big adjustment. What the former Paintsville High School star did not know was just how big it would be.

  • Tee Time: Oakmont to present challenge in US Open

    By Dennis George

    Each of golf’s majors is unique in its own way.
    The Masters is the only one of the four played at the same venue each year.
    Golfers participating in The Open Championship must be able to maneuver their ball around the nuances of links golf.
    The PGA can boast that it is has the toughest field and they allow the players to make birdies instead of trying to have a winning score over par.
    And, then there is the US Open.