• VAUGHT’S VIEWS: Father says there is more to PJ Washington’s game than just scoring

    By Sports Correspondent Larry Vaught

    Sometimes Paul Washington Sr. admits he gets a bit frustrated when his son, P.J. Washington, seems to be judged just by how many points he scores in a game.

  • Hold yourself accountable

    Accountability, like so many other traits, doesn’t happen overnight, yet it’s one of the most important traits one should have. In its simplest terms, being accountable means taking responsibility for your actions, mistakes and behavior.

    We all make mistakes. We’ve all screwed up at some point. We’ve slipped up somewhere along the way. Making a mistake should never sit well with anyone, but it’s what we do after making a mistake that is far more important than the mistake we made.

  • Ashton Hagans can be a 'bully' with his defensive play

    By Sports Correspondent Larry Vaught

    Much like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander did last season, Ashton Hagans has gone from the John Calipari recruit who didn’t create a huge national buzz to the best player at Kentucky.

    Unlike Gilgeous-Alexander, Hagans has done it more with defense and done it far quicker in the season than Gilgeous-Alexander did. Now the question is whether Hagans can sustain the level of play the way Gilgeous-Alexander did now that Southeastern Conference opponents know more about what to expect from him.

  • The greatest?

    If you’re an Alabama Crimson Tide football fan, you probably don’t want to read this column. You surely don’t want or need to be reminded of the 44-16 blowout loss to Clemson in the national championship game last Monday.

  • VAUGHT'S VIEWS: Benny Snell on ‘another level of happiness’

    By Sports Correspondent Larry Vaught

    He’s set the all-time rushing record at Kentucky, been part of UK’s first 10-win football season in 41 years and earned All-American honors. If that’s not enough, he’s also had his own autograph tour to give Kentucky football fans one more chance to be with him.

  • Super inspiration

    In October at the College Football Awards Show in Atlanta, Tyler Trent received the Disney Spirit Award, an award given annually to the most inspiring coach, team, player or figure in college football. He was also awarded the Sagamore of the Wabash, the highest honor given to an Indiana civilian. Having followed his story, he was deserving of so much more.

  • VAUGHT'S VIEWS: UK signee Tyrese Maxey learning how to play with target on him

    By Sports Columnist Larry Vaught

    After Kentucky’s loss at Alabama last Saturday, UK coach John Calipari talked about the atmosphere there even though the students were not on campus and Alabama was playing in the national football championship game two days later in California.

    It’s the type of intensity the Wildcats normally face and UK signee Tyrese Maxey, a 6-5 guard at South Garland High School in Texas, is getting some experience with that sensation this year.

  • Something new in the new year

    The new year is upon us and the calendar has flipped from 2018 to 2019. With the new year officially here, many are taking time to reflect on 2018 and all the events - both good and bad - that happened last year. Above all, many have made New Year’s resolution, looking to make self-improvements in the new year.

  • VAUGHT’S VIEWS: ‘One of those players every coach wants’


    He might have to wait his turn for a chance to play at Kentucky, but perhaps the most underappreciated Kentucky football signee by UK fans was Georgia running back Travis Tisdale.

  • Dedication

    “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” – Vince Lombardi