• Reconsider this rule

    I’m not one to rant or rave too much (okay, stop your laughing). However, I feel I have a legitimate gripe here. Hear me out.

  • VAUGHT'S VIEWS: Tyler Herro never thinks about missing at the foul line

    By Sports Correspondent Larry Vaught

    He’s held the record for 40 years, but former Kentucky All-American Kyle Macy says he never really fretted about freshman Tyler Herro breaking his single season free throw accuracy record.

  • Sparing a kidney

    Armonty Bryant had signed with Oakland Raiders last May when he received an urgent phone call from team doctors, telling him to race to an emergency room.

    No time to spare.

    He went to the ER. Tests discovered elevated potassium levels. Doctors were concerned Bryant was going to have a heart attack. His blood pressure was almost 200.

    That call from team doctors began a series of events that ended Bryant’s career as a football player and began the fight to save his life.

  • VAUGHT'S VIEWS: No matter where Kentucky plays, Immanuel Quickley’s aunt will be there

    By Larry Vaught

    When Kentucky opens NCAA Tournament play in Jacksonville against Abilene Christian Thursday, it is a given that Immanuel Quickley’s aunt, Demetria Caldwell, will be there supporting the Wildcats. Actually, no matter where the Cats would have been playing, she was going to come.

  • Finding rest

    How often do you rest? Like, truly rest? Are you resting enough, or are you not getting enough rest? Do you feel refreshed or groggy when you wake up?

    As we all know, rest is a crucial part of our well-being. Without adequate rest, we’re fatigued and our level of alertness is diminished, among many other negative side effects. Besides feeling tired or off your game, more serious consequences of sleep deprivation include weight gain, high blood pressure and diabetes, for example.

  • VAUGHT'S VIEWS: Dontaie Allen “surprised, grateful” to be Kentucky's Mr. Basketball 

    By Larry Vaught

    Now that he has been named Mr. Basketball, it won’t be long before Dontaie Allen will certainly see road signs coming into Pendleton County proclaiming it the home of the 2019 Mr. Basketball.

    “That is just crazy to even think about,” said Allen after he won the award last week given to the state’s top senior player. “I really can’t even fathom that. It’s just nuts.”

  • Rising to the occasion

    If athletes play long enough, they will win a lot of games and lose a lot of games. They will be on both ends of blowout games. Sometimes, they will face crushing defeats. However, at some point, they will likely be a part of a thrilling victory, a comeback or maybe both.

  • VAUGHTS VIEWS: Ed Beck made a big impression on UK fans they did not forget

    By Larry Vaught

    More than 50 years ago Dale Polley was living in Hopkinsville and he can remember his parents taking him to Madisonville to hear Ed Beck preach.
    “To this day I remember part of his sermon — pretty impressive for a young boy to remember something positive that long ago that happened at church,” Polley, who now lives in Nashville and is a past chairman of the Music City Bowl, said.

  • Onto region

    The district tournaments across Kentucky have wrapped up, and now the regional tournaments for Kentucky’s 16 regions have begun. The road to the state tournament for the teams still alive in the postseason has become more clear.

    The Marion County boys and girls basketball teams both advanced to the regional tournament after appearing in their respective district championship games. The Knights took on Bardstown last night in the regional tournament at Hart County, while the Lady Knights will also take on Bardstown tomorrow in Green County.

  • VAUGHTS VIEWS: Could Josh Allen be No. 1 pick in NFL Draft?

    By Larry Vaught

    Kentucky’s special football season could end in an even more special way at the NFL Draft in Nashville in April.
    Josh Allen still has a chance to be the No. 1 overall pick. No, mock drafts are not projecting him No. 1. Most have Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa going first to the Arizona Cardinals. However, most drafts also have Allen going second to San Francisco.