• It's time to stop and count your blessings

    By Shelton Young
    Believe it or not, I’m often asked where I get ideas for my articles.
    Well, having a mind that’s a little warped helps. But, to be honest, the stories are a result of mostly just paying attention to people. I usually manage to embellish the stories a bit…just enough to add an element of entertainment.
    Do I lie in my tales? Absolutely not! We lie in order to deceive…and you all are too sharp to buy into that. We tell stories to entertain.

  • Southerners get serious about their turkey shoots

     Spent a week in South Carolina taking care of some family business. On the way back I stopped at a bait and tackle shop just outside of Tazwell, Tennessee.

    While “looking around” in the shop I kept hearing what sounded like shotguns going off…a bunch of shotguns. Way too many to be hunting anything!

    Guy running the shop obviously saw that I was wondering what was going on and said “turkey shoot out back.”

    Now a turkey shoot “used” to be just what it sounds like…they actually shot turkeys.

  • Corbett is clutch

    A recent Marion County High School grad is making his name in Columbia.

    Mark Corbett, a member of last year's graduating class, is not only starting as a kicker for Lindsey Wilson, he's winning games and awards too.

    Corbett was an exceptional kicker for Marion County for at least two seasons before he left for Lindsey Wilson.

    He's now been named the NAIA National Player of the Week for two consecutive weeks.