• There’s a first time for everything

    Okay. So I thought that running in 5K races was going to be the only thing I did for the first time this year.
    I completed my first one in Campbellsville in July and my second one, the Pokey Pig, at Ham Days.
    Did I do great?
    No not great, but I finished and I was happy with that.

  • It’s beginning to look/sound like Christmas

    The big day is near! The weather has certainly done its part to set the season’s mood and people, for the most part, have been…well…nicer.
    I’ve heard more people say “excuse me” and “thank you” in the last couple of weeks than since our 2009 Christmas season.
    Guess everyone is making a serious move to get on the “good boy/girl” list.
    Homes and yards have gone from the dull gray shades of winter to the beautiful lights of the season.

  • State title coming?

    With the Lady Knights starting the season 5-0, they appear to be poised for another run to the state tournament.  
    Last season ended in heartbreak and disappointment for the Lady Knights who ran into eventual state champions, Mercy, on March 10, 2010, in the opening round of the state tournament at E.A. Diddle Arena.  This season’s schedule holds a rematch with Mercy on Feb. 15 when Marion County travels to Louisville to face the Jaguars.  

  • A new sports team

    Over the past two years, many of you have read the numerous columns and other sports stories written by Jesse Osborne.
    Jesse has a special way of communicating his thoughts into words on a newspaper page, not to mention his passion to catch just the right photo to accompany them.
    He has taken a full-time position writing in Springfield that will include news and sports. I hope he will be successful and do well in his new position.

  • Geese flushed, most of them got away

    Last weekend was all about goose hunting…and putting up the Christmas tree. But don’t think I didn’t enjoy doing both, because I did!
    Saturday, Mark, Jason, John O. and I were invited to hunt a small pond, to provide some “goose eradication” service.

  • Bittersweet farewell

    This is it, folks. This is my last column with The Lebanon Enterprise. Hey, stop that. I can hear your applause from here. That’s not nice.
    Seriously though, this is my last issue as a sports correspondent for this paper.
    Many of you are probably already aware of this but I recently took a job with The Springfield Sun across the border. Hey now, stop that booing and hissing. It’s not polite. Yes, I have been called worse than a turncoat. Thank you very much.

  • Leathers’ last hurrah

    Long time Marion County High School Coach Freddie Leathers recently decided he is walking away for good. He resigned from coaching girls’ basketball in 2006 and has been coaching golf up until now.
    Let me say up front, I am biased towards Leathers. I married his daughter so I’ve spent some time with him over the last six years. I try not to be a ‘homer’ in most instances. This will be a tough one so I’ll let his colleagues do most of the talking.

  • It's time to stop and count your blessings

    By Shelton Young
    Believe it or not, I’m often asked where I get ideas for my articles.
    Well, having a mind that’s a little warped helps. But, to be honest, the stories are a result of mostly just paying attention to people. I usually manage to embellish the stories a bit…just enough to add an element of entertainment.
    Do I lie in my tales? Absolutely not! We lie in order to deceive…and you all are too sharp to buy into that. We tell stories to entertain.

  • Southerners get serious about their turkey shoots

     Spent a week in South Carolina taking care of some family business. On the way back I stopped at a bait and tackle shop just outside of Tazwell, Tennessee.

    While “looking around” in the shop I kept hearing what sounded like shotguns going off…a bunch of shotguns. Way too many to be hunting anything!

    Guy running the shop obviously saw that I was wondering what was going on and said “turkey shoot out back.”

    Now a turkey shoot “used” to be just what it sounds like…they actually shot turkeys.

  • Corbett is clutch

    A recent Marion County High School grad is making his name in Columbia.

    Mark Corbett, a member of last year's graduating class, is not only starting as a kicker for Lindsey Wilson, he's winning games and awards too.

    Corbett was an exceptional kicker for Marion County for at least two seasons before he left for Lindsey Wilson.

    He's now been named the NAIA National Player of the Week for two consecutive weeks.