• Waterfowl season has been foul

    Here it is again. Another early deadline and I’ve been home with the flu for the past week. So, you won’t get much this week. I know, ya don’t get much any week, but this time I have an excuse!
    Well, as much as I dislike politics, I listened to Obama’s gun control speech. Like some of what I heard, dislike some of what I heard and wish some other stuff had been explained. Oh yeah, the above are my opinions and do not reflect those of The Lebanon Enterprise… or something like that!

  • Hunting seasons we have left

    Every once in a while something happens which points out that not everybody understands what I write. I’m pretty sure that happens when I just take for granted that everyone hunts and/or fishes!
    Case in point: I recently wrote about duck hunting and the use of a blind. Well, I got a call from a lady, who is an accomplished angler, asking what a “blind” was. Kinda caught me flat footed and brought home the notion that I should maybe explain myself a little better when I write.

  • Mother Nature provides some company for a lonely hunter

    It’s nice to be back on a regular schedule. First, was the early deadline for Christmas, which I missed! Then, there was the early deadline for New Year’s, which I barely made! Now, it’s normal again, at least until Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday!

  • Duck hunting success, sort of


    For anyone who actually reads this article you undoubtedly noticed that I missed last week! And, the reason is really simple … I forgot.

    Yes, it was one of those early deadlines that I remembered a couple of hours too late. And while I seriously doubt anyone went through too much emotional trauma at the absence of my article I will nonetheless apologize. In my defense, I felt that if the world were to actually end I would’ve wasted my time by writing an article anyway!

  • Deer: Abby Lala


    Abby Lala, 9, recently bagged this 8-point deer while hunting with her dad, Les, in Shelby County. Lala is the granddaughter of Nancy and Rob Spragens. 

  • Deer: Dylan Abell


    Dylan Abell killed this 5-point buck Nov. 19, 2012. He is the son of Scott and Joan Abell.

  • Deer: MaCayla Falls


    MaCayla Falls, age 7, shot this buck in Taylor County on November 13, 2012.

  • Deer: Coy Glasscock


    Coy Glasscock got this 127-inch buck with his recurve bow.

  • Deer: Tanner Hutchins


    Tanner Hutchins, 10, got his first deer, a 10-pointer, on Nov. 10 while sitting in a lawn chair in the back yard. He is the son of Michael and Pam Hutchins.

  • Deer: Kevin Abell


    Kevin Abell killed this 12-point buck on Nov. 13, 2012 in Marion County.