• What’s the best hunting vehicle? Whatever ya got!

    First off I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! And so you’ll know it’s from me and not The Lebanon Enterprise, I guess I better put in the standard: “This message does not reflect the views of The Lebanon Enterprise or any of its employees”… except me! Now that I’m all “politically correct” I feel better… stupid for having to say that… but better.
    I was once asked what kind of “hunting vehicle” I have.

  • Guns aren’t dangerous, but people with guns are

    Just so you’ll know, what I’m writing about in this week’s article is my take on things. It’s not meant to express the views of The Lebanon Enterprise or anyone else.
    To be clear, I own guns! They are my responsibility and the misuse of them falls on me. And, over the years, no one has said anything about that fact nor, as far as I know, written a letter to the editor complaining about my guns or my hunting!

  • Youth hunters are successful
  • Plenty of prime deer hunting time left

    Just read an interesting article! Seems there are 600,000 licensed hunters in Wisconsin. This would make them the eighth largest army in the world. Consider all the other states… some with more, some with fewer hunters (all with guns)… and you have quite an impressive number of armed citizens. And that number just reflects hunters… who are licensed… I’m not counting paper-punchers and people who own guns for self-defense or the military. Now I realize there are some crossovers but anyway you cut it, that’s a lot of gun owners.

  • Camo up, hide in your blind, and collect some birds this season

    It was a good week of hunting … though not productive. I passed on a couple of four pointers and one six.
    If you remember, I said I’d shoot the first doe I saw. Well, I should’ve said I’d shoot the first doe I could “safely” shoot.
    The does I saw last Thursday … 11 in one field… all presented shots that would have been questionable at best. In reality, I “might could’ve shot” but it was about then minutes before I would’ve run out of shooting light, and time!

  • ‘Big gun season’ is here

    Saturday was the opening of Kentucky’s 2015 deer season for modern, centerfire firearms! This is also known to us rednecks as “big gun season.”
    As you’re reading this rest assured there have been otherwise sane men and women who’ve been living in the woods for days. Well, they might come back to civilization to sleep in a real bed or maybe eat a meal without having to pick the bugs out of your beans!

  • All deer hunters should be preparing for Saturday

    I’m a slob! Not totally, but enough to have driven my mom… and the wife… a little nuts! It’s not that I’m opposed to cleanliness, it’s just that I realize there’s a major difference between “clean” and “clean enough.”
    How many of you have never picked up a piece of clothing, sniffed it, and decided “clean enough?” Those who have will understand my point. Those of you who haven’t… shame on you for lying!

  • Siegrist kills deer

    Nate Siegrist, 11, got his first deer with a bow and arrow (a 10-point buck) on Halloween at his family's farm in Marion/Taylor counties.

  • Mid-KY Bass Anglers 2015 awards banquet is Friday

    First off, Bobby Thomas took a very nice elk during their annual trip to Colorado. I didn’t get any details but will pass them along when I get to talk with Bobby.
    One of my friends has been fishing for striped bass on Cumberland with little success. He tells me he sees lots of shad balls (schools) but no stripers bustin’ em (eating them).
    Said the last time he went the water was extremely rough. He’s hoping it’ll be better this weekend.

  • Mattingly kills deer

    Luke Mattingly, 6, killed a button buck Oct. 10, on a family farm in Calvary. His parents are B.J. and Missy Mattingly.